What's With the DNC's Hispanic Caucus?

What's with the Hispanic Caucus?

No, I don't mean the Hispanic Congressional Caucus--which is also a mess.

The group I'm wondering about today is the one tasked with making sure Latinos are brought to the polls to vote for the Democratic party's candidates: the DNC's Hispanic Caucus.

In a report over the weekend, the group's chairman Alvaro Cifuentes has resigned after an incident involving a racial slur laced confrontation with a DNC aide. In the confrontation Cifuentes twice called the African American aide "boy".

A long-time party operative Cifuentes' emailed apology included the pathetic excuse that his Puerto Rico residency left him ignorant of the loaded meaning of the word "boy". (Frankly, Cifuentes' excuse makes clear why he's ill-suited for a national post.)

Is there a pattern here?

U.S. Rep. Joe Baca, chairman of the Hispanic Congressional Caucus is heard calling U.S. Rep. Lorreta Sanchez as a "whore".

Now we have Alvaro Cifuentes calling an African American male a "boy".

And we can't forget California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. He's the fellow that 6 months later says he heard Baca use the "w" word against Sanchez.

I've written that these tough times require Latinos that can to step up and lead. Instead, we're getting a bad melodrama with the racist and sexist garbage that you see in the culture.

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