'Bilingual in the Boonies' to Nashville Council: Ridiculosos!

I love Bilingual in the Boonies!

Her weblog is a journal of life as a transplanted Cubana, writer and mami living in Tennessee. I especially love the quiet confidence and even fun she bring's to her life in Dixie.

Here's an excerpt from a her post titled Yee Haw Y'all on the English-only ordinance that was passed by the Nashville City Council.

While the comebolas who voted for an English-only bill in my adopted hometown were wondering whether the mayor would veto their short-sighted bill, I was at a newly-formed Spanish mamasita playgroup. The mayor came through and we mamis had mucho fun en español. A good day for all. So, take that, ridiculosos.
FYI: Nashville Latinos stood united against the ordinance, which was subsequently vetoed by Mayor Purcell.

Click here for the full Yee Haw Y'all post and a link to an editorial column Bilingual in the Boonies deems reading that is "Muy fun".

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