Linda Chavez: GOP's Self-Inflicted Wound

In Borderline disastrous: GOP hurts itself by immigration bill’s defeat, Linda Chavez writes that before conservatives begin celebrating the death of immigration reform, they should step back and give sober thought to have they've wrought.

Chavez says that the conservative victory has given the U.S. a less secure, not more, secure border. Businesses that want to hire only legal workers won't have the tools to do so. And the 12 million undocumented residents will be forced to continue living in the shadows, making them less likely to report crimes and or pay taxes.

Chavez writes that the mess we've created by "an outdated and ill-conceived immigration policy 20 years ago will just get worse."

Thanks rightwing radio screechers and politicians! And you claim that it's the left that is incompetent in terms of governing the nation.

Meanwhile, the majority of Americans who support sensible immigration reform will now have to wait until 2009 for a new president and congress. We'll see if you'll be happy then.

Read Borderline disastrous: GOP hurts itself by immigration bill’s defeat.

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