U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Congress should restart immigration reform process

Congress should restart immigration reform process (by Rep. Luis Gutierrez, The Hill - 7.26.07) In recent weeks, we have heard a lot of tough talk from those who worked to stop immigration reform in the Senate. What we haven’t heard are any solutions. What do they propose we do now?

As most people who are familiar with the legislative process understand, being against something is easy. Embracing heated political rhetoric is easy.

Pandering to conservative radio hosts and playing into people’s fears is easy.

You know what is not easy, and what was often overlooked during the debate, is the struggle and sacrifice of the immigrant who gets up at the crack of dawn each morning to go take care of someone else’s kids, or the young father working the midnight shift on a cleaning crew, or the woman picking vegetables in oppressive heat for 12 hours a day. You know what is not easy is worrying each day that your husband will not come home from work or that you will be swept up in a raid and your U.S. citizen children will be left helpless and alone.

At the end of the day, that is what the immigration debate is all about, and why I believe it so is important that we keep fighting.


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