Is Levy Getting His Comeuppance? Part 6: Levy's Plea

It's reported in today's Newsday that Steve Levy has sent a 2 page letter pleading with the state legislature to pass legislation authorizing $300 million sales tax. He warns that he'll be forced to layoff scores of government workers and the the local hospitals will be "deluged with patients" if the tax is not immediately adopted.

The ploy is supposed to pull at the heart strings of state legislators, but the case is being made by a guy who has been methodically dismantling the county's social safety net.

Nonprofit contract agencies which the county relies on to provide critical services to county residents have been subject to a campaign by Levy to wring 100s of millions of dollars in savings that otherwise would go to services. Many of the agencies are on the brink of closing as a result.

I suspect that the state legislators are well aware of Levy's irresponsible stewardship, so his pleas probably sound quite hollow.

See Levy pleads to extend Suffolk sales tax.

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