GOP Opposition Grows Against Iraq War

A GOP rebellion widened this week as more of the party's senators voiced dissent from President George W. Bush's strategy.

Republican unity on Iraq has shattered in recent weeks, amid mounting pessimism about the ability of US forces to bring stability to the country engulfed in a sectarian civil war. Weakening Republican support for the war has left GWB increasingly isolated as Democrats prepare for a new round of votes aimed at forcing a US withdrawal.

The following are the 11 GOP senators that have thus far publicly broken with the administration and are now calling for a new Iraq strategy:

- Gordon Smith of Oregon
- Olympia Snow of Maine
- Chuck Hagel of Nebraska
- Lamar Alexander of Tennessee
- Judd Greg of New Hampshire
- John Warner of Virginia
- Norman Coleman of Minnesota
- Richard Lugar of Indiana
- George Voinovich of Ohio
- Susan Collins of Maine
- Pete Domenici of New Mexico

Additionally, look for these GOP senators up for reelection in '08 to soon begin voicing concerns about the Iraq War policy, too:

- Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina
- John Sununu of New Hampshire

GOP senators with 2010 races which may begin having a change of heart on the present course in Iraq include:

- Mel Martinez of Florida
- Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania
- Kit Bond of Missouri

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