Puerto Rico Presidential Primary VII: Partidos Politicos

The Campaign for Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico won't be a swing state in November. It's not even a state, and its 4 million residents aren't allowed to vote in the general election. Its partisan politics have little in common with the mainland's; the main competitors are not Democrats and Republicans, but "commonwealthers" and "statehooders," and while they are divided into reds and blues, the reds of the commonwealth party are more likely to favor Democrats, while the blues of the statehood party skew more Republican.

Democratic Primary a Big Moment for Puerto Rico
The close race for the Democratic presidential nomination has unexpectedly put Puerto Rico — and its 63 delegates — in the spotlight. Political analyst Juan Manuel Garcia Passalacqua talks with Alex Chadwick about the climate leading up Tuesday's primary.

A first person account of the Dem primary in Puerto Rico
Well, despite his tiredness, he charmed the pants off the island. The front pages this morning had full page pictures of his beaming smile and crowds of people. The headline in El Nuevo Dia was Obama Enchants Puerto Rico: Walks through San Juan, Dances Salsa. Meanwhile the headline for Hillary's visit was Hillary brings an Avalanche of Promises.

Puerto Rican nationalists predict low turnout
Leaders of Puerto Rico‘s independence party predict a low turnout for Sunday‘s Democratic primary.

Clintons campaign together in Puerto Rico
"Puerto Rico should support Hillary because she understands you better," Bill Clinton told the crowd.

Clinton Parties in PR, Acknowledges the Odds
Eager to put her controversial remarks about Robert Kennedy's assassination behind her, Sen. Hillary Clinton took off to Puerto Rico this weekend, where she shimmied to Enrique Iglesias, swigged from a bottle of Presidente beer and once again proclaimed her determination to continue her longshot campaign.

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