Puerto Rico Presidential Primary VI

Desperate to Change the Dynamic of the Race, Clinton Accepts A Debate Offer in Puerto Rico
Hillary Clinton said today that she would accept a debate offer from a major Spanish language television channel in Puerto Rico in the coming days because she said, “the issues facing Puerto Rico are serious and deserve a serious debate.”

Campaigning in Puerto Rico, Hillary Clinton speaks of faith in the face of setbacks
"There isn't anything we cannot do together if we seek God's blessing and if we stay committed and are not deterred by the setbacks that often fall in every life."

Democrats campaign hard in Puerto Rico
On the mainland, Obama is black, but not in Puerto Rico,” said Juan Manuel García Passalacqua, a political commentator. “Here he is a mulatto, and this is a mulatto society. People here are perfectly prepared to vote for someone who looks like them for president of the United States.”

Clinton, Obama Campaign in Puerto Rico
In his remarks to a small group of veterans Saturday, Obama criticized the presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain for opposing legislation that would provide college scholarships to people who have served in the U.S. military.

Statehood for Puerto Rico? Candidates Don’t Care
When it comes to Puerto Rico, the presidential candidates want to have it both ways.

Obama’s mulatto primary
A few things struck me about this. Number one, race isn’t an “obstacle,” racism is an obstacle. The problem isn’t that Obama is black, the problem is that some folks have a problem with the fact that Obama is black.

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