Puerto Rico Presidential Primary VIII: Livin' La Vida Loca

Ricky Martin endorses Hillary
Pop star Ricky Martin is backing Hillary Rodham Clinton ahead of Puerto Rico's primary on Sunday. The Grammy-winning singer on Wednesday said Clinton has shown a commitment to the needs of the Hispanic community. Martin is one of the territory's top-selling artists, whose hits including "She Bangs" and "Livin' la Vida Loca."

Why Puerto Rico's Democratic Primary Won't Matter
There are a number of reasons why the Puerto Rican Democratic primary election set for this coming Sunday won’t matter, in terms of Hillary Clinton’s failed bid for the party’s nomination.

CNN sole network to get Puerto Rico polling
When Puerto Rico Democrats go to the polls Sunday for its potentially historic primary, CNN will be the only network to have access to exit polling.

Diary: To Puerto Rico with Clinton
[A] stop-by-stop diary of Hillary Clinton campaigning in Puerto Rico over the weekend from our campaign reporter who followed Clinton on the trip.

Clinton Has a Lead, But Not a Landslide, in Puerto Rico
A new poll confirms that Hillary Clinton is the clear favorite in this weekend's Puerto Rico primary, but perhaps not by the runaway margin that her supporters have been hoping for.

SEIU Urged: End Attacks Against Puerto Rico Teachers
A broad coalition of activists will gather Wednesday, May 28 in New York City to express support for Puerto Rico's embattled teachers and schoolchildren, to protest the decision of SEIU's leadership to launch an attack on the existing teachers union and to exhort SEIU to cease this activity.

Bill Clinton: Puerto Rico matters in '08
[Clinton and Obama] have received lukewarm receptions from islanders, who generally do not identify with any mainland party and who do not have the right to vote in November's presidential election.

Obama ready to crush Hillary with secret stash of superdelegates?
The secret stash is designed to put [Obama] over the 2,025 mark or, if the magic number gets bumped up this weekend, to propel him to an even wider overall delegate lead, which will come in handy for spin purposes if, as expected, she blows him out in Puerto Rico this weekend.

McCain has a BIG Hispanic Problem, Obama doing well.
The media has been trying and make a story out of Obama's low Hispanic vote turnout. They assume that since he lost the vote in many states, that he will lose the vote in Nov. I can not emphisis how stupid of an argument this is. We've seen the argument made with "whites," until Obama won the demographic in Oregon, only after winning Iowa, Wisconsin, Utah, Washington... you get the idea. Once again the media isn't doing it's job of conducting journalistic research. Here's what the real story is on Obama and the Hispanic vote.

Five Questions About the Puerto Rico Democratic Presidential Primary

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