Puerto Rico Presidential Primary III

Puerto Rico...Obama Island?
Anthropologist, Blogger and DailyKOS Diaryist Denise Oliver-Velez (aka Deoliver47) notes that "Most United States citizens here on the mainland know next to nothing about Puerto Rico, and yet we are headed towards a primary there on June 1."

She then provides a comprehensive education on the Isla del Encanto, its people, politics and upcoming presidential primary. Very nice.

WHY OBAMA? by Hernandez Colon
Obama is precisely the type of leader that the U.S. needs to guide it in the post American world. He is free from mind sets of the past and can relate better than any other to those that the U.S. must engage with due respect in order to bring about a world built on cooperation not on confrontation.

Salen ganando los boricuas
Para el presidente del Senado, Kenneth McClintock, Puerto Rico ya está obteniendo ganancias de la primaria demócrata que tendrá lugar el 1 de junio en la Isla.

'Crece el apoyo a la campaña de Obama'
Miguel Hernández Agosto, ex presidente del Partido Demócrata en Puerto Rico, anunció ayer su apoyo a la precandidatura presidencial de Barack Obama. “Obama entiende esta nueva realidad y puede detener el descenso de los Estados Unidos ante el mundo y de su poderío económico."

Richardson to campaign for Obama in Puerto Rico
Former presidential contender Bill Richardson will campaign this week for Barack Obama in Puerto Rico, 10 days before the Commonwealth holds its Democratic primary.

Obama vs Clinton: La campaña en P. R. (WAPA Video)
Las primarias demócratas presidenciales en la isla, continúan al rojo vivo. En Decisión 2008, El Programa, Pedro Pierlusi -candidato a la Comisaría Residente por el PNP y co-presidente de la campaña de Barack Obama en P. R. - y Francisco Domeneche -líder local de Hillary Clinton y súper delegado- hablan sobre lo que esperan sean las tendencias en la Isla.

Puerto Rico relishes clout as ballot battleground
The island's June 1 primary is the biggest Democratic contest left, with 55 delegates at stake and perhaps giving Sen. Hillary Clinton a last-gasp opportunity to claim victory in the popular vote.

Obama cartel grandísimo cubre edificio en San Juan
Mira este cartel que los admiradores de Barack lo colgó en la Clinica las Americas en San Juan. ¡Viva Barack!

P.R. Primary Watch - Vigilia Primaria P.R./Obama vs. Clinton

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  1. Thanks for the link to my diary. I wish I had more information available - hard to comment from the hills of upstate NY.

    There was another good PR primary on DKOS last night:

    Puerto Rico will not give Hillary the popular vote edge, from someone who actually lives in PR

    Look forward to more updates here.


    Denise Oliver