The Economist Endorses Obama

The London-based editors of The Economist (Almost there - 5.8.08) offer a powerful rebuttal to Hillary's claim to the Democratic Party presidential nomination because of the white bigot vote:

"Meanwhile, Mr Obama attracts other voters in a way Mrs Clinton never has. For every white bigot who switches sides because of Mr Obama's skin colour, there is likely to be a white independent—especially a young one—running to support him. The data show that young people, both black and white, prefer Mr Obama. Against Mrs Clinton, Mr McCain might have swept up all the independents; with Mr Obama he will have to split them. Mr Obama has raised money from close to 1.5m individuals, far more than anybody else ever has. That will stand him and his party in good stead come November. Each of those donors will be working hard to make sure that their investment is not wasted: an army of footsoldiers to fight the Republicans."

In contrast to the behavior of Hillary/Bill and other presidential wannabes, The Economist finds Obama to be more deserving:

More than any other candidate this year, he has articulated an idea of a nobler America. That is partly because of who he is.
How true.

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