Gingrich to GOP: Seek Real Change or Perish

While the Clintons and their allies in Rightwing media mock Obama's call for change, former Speaker of the House and GOP strategist Next Gingrich is imploring House Republicans to seek "real change to avoid a real disaster".

This is too funny. W has been a complete disaster. And leadership, vision or innovative ideas have in short supply in the U.S. House for years. But the idea that at this late point, the GOP House leadership and rank and file will finally get down to proposing real solutions to the country's problems--many created or made worse by a mean-spirited, elitist national GOP--is nuts!

And Gingrich offers a summer gas tax holiday as a serious solution!

On second thought there is something the House GOP could do which would be bold, helpful to the republic and could possibly ensure a John McCain victory: The House GOP could resign.

BTW: Is there any doubt that a shameless Hillary dons the agent of change costume for the Fall--in the event the Clinton Machine steals the nomination?

Gingrich warns GOP of ‘real disaster' this fall

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