David Archuleta: 1st American Idol of Latino Heritage (NOT!)

Update: Surprise! David Cook--and NOT Archuleta--took this year's American Idol crown. Congratulations to Cook, Archuleta and the other contenders for a terrific competition.

The Miami-born balladeer, David Archuleta, has been the odds on favorite to win the American Idol singing competition. Tonight, AI fans will see the 17 year old virtuoso beat out rocker David Cook to win the coveted title and lucrative recording contract.

Archuleta's win makes him the first Idol winner of Latino heritage: David's father, James Jeffrey Archuleta, is Spanish heritage and his mother, Xiomara Guadalupe Mayorga, Honduran (Source: IMDB).

Other Latinos finishing in the top 12 included:

Syesha Mercado (Cuban father)
Jason Castro (Colombian parents)
David Hernandez

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