Kathleen Sebelius: The Better VP Choice

Some believe that Obama should take Hillary on as his VP because of her supposed strength in the general election among women and white working class people.

Somehow, we're to ignore the fact that Hillary is an incredibly divisive person, has gargantuan negatives, and worse, has shown Obama no respect.

Hillary as Obama's VP? No way!

A much better choice is Kathleen Sebelius, governor of Kansas. Here's why:

1) A progressive Democrat in a very Republican state, Sebelius was elected there twice.
2) Unlike Hillary, Sebelius is very likable, has a calm, folksy, midwestern accent, and really has her pulse on the heartland of America.
3) Sebelius will have appeal throughout the Midwest and with many working class people.
4) Obama's state of Illinois borders Missouri and Sebelius's home state does as well, and together they may be able to win Missouri.
5) The team may have a shot at carrying Ohio because Sebelius was born and raised there and her father was governor
6) As a Catholic and a midwesterner who understands middle America--and does so a whole lot better Hillary, Sebelius helps Obama in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and could put Indiana in play.
7) As a strong woman with proven political skills, female voters will folck to support her historic quest to become the first female VP.
8) Sebelius doesn't hurt Obama anywhere, but solidifies the Midwest and beyond.
9) There's already a certain amount of mutual respect between Sebelius and Obama, e.g. she was an early supporter of his presidential run. And Obama spent an extra-ordinary amount of attention and effort in Kansas--a primary which he won. (Perhaps, because his mother was a Kansas girl.)
10) Americans typically turn to leaders from the heartland when the country's in trouble, and the smart, classy, accomplished, sensible and forward-thinking leaders from Illinois and Kansas fit the bill.

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