Hóla, Puerto Rico!: Puerto Rico Presidential Primary V

Obama Campaigns in Puerto Rico
The beats of salsa and reggaeton were pulsing, the sun was shining and the waves of the Atlantic were rippling in the distance when Senator Barack Obama walked into La Plaza del Quinto to greet supporters one week before the Democratic presidential primary here.

When languages matter: Obama tests his Spanish in Puerto Rico
U.S. presidential candidates don’t often make it to Puerto Rico, so the language barrier is not usually a problem.

The Road to the White House Goes Through Puerto Rico?
Who would have thought that seventeen months into this nomination process, the two leading Democratic presidential nominees are battling it out in – Puerto Rico? Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have taken their campaigns to a territory with no constitutional right to vote in the general election and an island where the residents are not required to pay federal income taxes.

Obama Campaign Redoubles Efforts to Reach Hispanic Voters
"Hóla, Puerto Rico! How's everybody doing today?" Obama shouted to a crowd gathered in Old San Juan, before he led dancing supporters along the seaside battlements for a raucous caminata, the traditional candidate parade. "I am thankful, I am grateful. . . . If we do well in Puerto Rico, there is no reason I will not be announcing that I am the Democratic nominee for president of the United States of America!"

Clinton Greets Puerto Ricans: Buenas Noches!
“Buenos Noches!”

Puerto Rico's moment in the sun
The throbbing beat of plena, blaring from a speaker truck, shook the Plaza del Quinto Centenario this afternoon as Barack Obama embarked on that most Puerto Rican of campaign appearances: the caminata.

In visit to Puerto Rico, Obama criticizes McCain for not supporting new veterans' benefit bill
Barack Obama told veterans Saturday that he cannot understand why Republican John McCain opposes legislation that would provide college scholarships to people who have served in the U.S. military.

Will Puerto Rico Determine the Dem Nominee?
On June 1st, Puerto Rico will hold its primary, the third to last contest of this long and drawn out Democratic race. Barack Obama spent the day campaigning in the territory, hoping to reap some of its 55 pledged delegates up for grabs next Sunday.

Obama stirs up South Florida crowds
Barack Obama whipped up some Cuban-American leaders in Miami and an arena-sized crowd in Broward County on the last leg of a three-day tour kick-starting his presidential campaign in Florida.

Comments Cast Shadow on Last Laps in Primaries
Yet even though Mrs. Clinton apologized for invoking the death of Senator Robert F. Kennedy on Friday — she said she was simply explaining how many races had gone on longer than hers, including in 1968, when Mr. Kennedy was killed in June — the reverberations have raised fresh questions about her motivations, overshadowing her campaign here and in the remaining two states.

Obama, Clinton Make Campaign Pitches in Puerto Rico
Barack Obama, campaigning today in Puerto Rico, pledged to improve health care and other assistance for the more than 150,000 military veterans living in the U.S. territory.

Puerto Rico con Obama - Plaza Las Americas Rally

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