Obama has won! (Rush, Hannity & the Clinton Machine lost.)

Senator Barack Obama has won! He will be his party's nominee--and the next president of the United States of America.

Not only has he withstood the Clinton Machine's "kitchen sink" assault of the last month, but he has also beaten back a vicious assault by the rightwing led by Rush Limbaugh and his Operation Chaos and radio/cable screecher Sean Hannity. Actually, it was fun watching an angry Hannity last night try desperately to piss on Obama's victory over the forces of evil.

Now, even the Clintonistas have begun admitting that the contest for the Democratic Party presidential nomination is all but over.

Yes, we can!

The only real question now is how Bill and Hillary step down while saving face. Speculation last night included everything from Obama absorbing the Clinton Machine's campaign debt--a mistake in my mind--to agreeing to a Clinton hand-picked VP--an even bigger mistake--to giving in on Clinton's favorite policy positions such as a summer gasoline tax holiday--OK, maybe I can live with that.

The Clintons have cancelled all media and public appearances today as they strategtize on next steps. Key to their decision is gauging undecided super-delegates for more Clinton campaigning.

The exit negotiations and the orchestration of a events which results in 1) the Clintons really stepping down and 2) lining up fully behind Barack Obama will be just as important as all that has come before.

A major concern has to be that the Clintons--while pretending otherwise--will secretly undermine Obama's fall quest as they prepare for a 2nd Hillary bid in 2012.

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