Obama Takes Oregon and Majority of Pledged Delegates

Obama has won Oregon by a significant margin!

More importantly, he has now won an absolute majority of pledged delegates.

Much is being made by the Clintonistas and the FOX propagandists about Obama's low appeal to Whites.

Four points:

1) No Democratic presidential candidate--and they've ALL been White--have won a majority of the so-called "White working-class voters" since 1964! And that includes Bubba himself!

2) A large number of Hillary's White voters vote Republican in nation elections--and few would vote for Hillary in the general election.

3) A larger percentage of Blue Dog Democrats voted for George W. Bush in 2004 than plan to vote for John McCain if Barack Obama is the nominee.

4) Oregon is overwhelmingly White--92%--and it just voted Obama! But then again so did all of these overwhelmingly "White" states:

- Colorado (91.91%)
- Iowa (95.79%)
- Vermont (97.95%)
- New Hampshire (96.97%)
- Idaho (96.81%)
- Kansas (90.87%)
- South Dakota (88.50%)
- North Dakota (93.19%)
- Utah (95.01%)
- Nebraska (93.06%)
- Washington (87.65%)
- Maine (97.81%)
- Wisconsin (91.00%)
- Minnesota (87.30%)
- Wyoming (96.01%)

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