Obama Asks Indiana and North Carolina Democrats to Reach Higher

I just Obama and Hillary at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Indianapolis. Both were effective in touching all of their key talking points--jobs, gasoline prices, the Iraq War, health care, etc.

Hillary's speech was packed with her prescriptions for all that ails Americas. Additionally, she stayed out of the gutter in regards to Obama, elbowed her "dear friend" Senator John McCain on a few occasions and blasted Bush repeatedly. It was typical Hillary--plodding, uninspiring, dogged.

Obama's speech was both tough-minded and inspiring. His frame was that the bickering, game-playing, do-nothing approach of Washington--a great deal of which has been on display in the last few weeks--must be changed if common folks are to catch a break. Vote for Obama for a change in politics; vote for Hillary/McCain for more of the same.

Very interesting.

What's most interesting is that Obama's still standing after a month of withering attacks by the Clintonistas (Hill, Bill and surrogates) and their helpers on the hard right. Actually, I'm sensing this Tuesday may be a better night for the Obama campaign than the MSM and pundits have suggested.

Anyway, here's a video to remind you why you like Obama (and why the rightwing is terrified of him).

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