Puerto Rico Presidential Primary XII: Arroz con Gandules

Arroz Con Gandules

Puerto Rico Update
I just got off the phone with a pro-Obama PDP leader in Puerto Rico. He told me that they expect turnout to be low, as low as 200,000.

Arrecia llamado a boicot primarista en Puerto Rico
A dos días de la primaria demócrata en Puerto Rico, resuenan con más fuerza las voces de políticos, religiosos y artistas llamando a un boicot. Sus razones para no acudir a las urnas son variadas, destacándose los que entienden que las primarias estadounidenses son un proceso ajeno a la realidad de Puerto Rico, un territorio estadounidense desde el 1898.

Puerto Rico's ironic role
The Puerto Rican vote in New York is large but nondecisive. The Hispanic vote in Florida could be the swing vote in a swing state. Obama now knows what Carl Rove found out in 2000.

Letter to a Puerto Rican Friend
So you see Don Pedro Albeizu Campos and his Cuban counterpart Antonio Maceo are true heroes to conscious black Americans who are aware of how our own black history transcends national boundaries and must include the Afro-Spanish, Afro-Brazilians (and Afro-Dutch, Afro-French and others of the African diaspora) who number over 200 million souls all over Latin America.

Benicio del Toro respalda a Barack Obama
El aclamado actor puertorriqueño Benicio del Toro respaldó el viernes a Barack Obama en sus aspiraciones a la candidatura presidencial por el Partido Demócrata.
This is a bit confusing
In Puerto Rico, they are United State's citizens, but they are not allowed to. So, when a Puerto Rican moves to a state, he/she doesn't have to become a US citizen, but they can now vote. If that is true, why the hell can't they vote in Puerto Rico?
Hillary's Puerto Rico Problems
More to the point, though, Clinton isn't especially liked in Puerto Rico.

Favorece la papeleta de Hillary-Obama
La congresista puertorriqueña Nydia Velázquez ve con buenos ojos que Hillary Clinton y Barack Obama compartan la papeleta del Partido Demócrata, uno como aspirante a la presidencia y el otro a la vicepresidencia de Estados Unidos.

Clinton looks to Puerto Rico to boost her campaign
Sen. Hillary Clinton is spending her second straight weekend campaigning in Puerto Rico before the island territory's June 1 primary. It could be one of her last chances to boost her popular vote total.

Inequality in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico has entered the 21st century facing a crossroads. Some of the mechanisms for economic stimulus and development that its political class had relied on have been eliminated by the U.S. Congress. Others have been rendered irrelevant by the re-positioning of Puerto Rico in the global economy

Puerto Rico's Primary Vote
Flavio Cumpiano, Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Federal Affairs Administration talks with The Hill about the Democratic Presidential Primary in Puerto Rico.

A Primary in Puerto Rico
For Puerto Rico, the Democratic primary has revived the island’s ongoing dilemma over whether to become the fifty-first American state or remain a territory.

Puerto Rico Primary Facts and Figures

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