New Orleanians still have their gumbo spoons

New Orleanians respond to 'New Orleans to Declare War on the U.S.?'.

Mr. Melpomene said... Well written. I like it.

Bint Alshamsa said... This might actually be possible if it weren't for the fact that the dirty bastards came into people's homes and illegally confiscated everybody's guns. We'd have to try and attack them with our gumbo spoons at this point. That's about all some of us have left now.

GentillyGirl said... Interesting comparison of our dilemma and the movie. I demand reparations for the Federal Flood that almost destroyed the city and killed so many people. The lack of a timely response to the disaster, and the fact that the dragging out of the repairs amounts to an ethnic and economic "cleansing", makes those actions an attack upon New Orleans. I do have a Katana for the war, but it's not much use in trying to hit in DC.

TravelingMermaid said... Good post, good analogy.

BTW: My Georgia Latino sis and brother-in-law are in the Big Easy this weekend for R&R, music--and, of course, some gumbo.

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