Colorado & 'The Birds of Killingworth' Part II

As I wrote in Colorado & 'The Birds of Killingworth, to prevent crops from rotting in the fields from a lack of farmer workers due to its anti-immigrant worker laws, the geniuses of Colorado will now use convicts who'll work under armed guard. Additionally, taxpayers will now subsidize farmers 60 cents per worker hour needed to harvest the crops.

Pretty dumb, right?

In When immigrants flee, crops rot, The Roanoke Times (Roanoke, Virginia) prompts a number of important questions requiring Virginia--or any state--looking to replicate Colorado's stupidity.

1) How much will this cost taxpayers and consumers? And what can of productivity is expected from prisoners?

2) But is Colorado's ready for prisoners to bus tables or trim residential trees?

3) It seems that part of the deal for getting rid of "illegal" immigrant workers was to subsidize farmers 60 cents an hour of labor. But if farmers were breaking the law in hiring "illegal" workers, why are they being paid money instead of being prosecuted?

4) The vigilantes aim to drive every illegal immigrant from our country. Then what?

Question 3 is especially important because it exposes the racism of Colorado's lawmakers. While it is illegal in Colorado--and across the country--to hire undocumented workers, why is it that none of the law-breaking employers are being arrested? How come there aren't immigrant employers prisons? Why is that why immigrants are put in jail, employers are given tax-payer dollars? The answer is clear: the workers are Mexican and the employers are white.

The anti-immigrant racists are so irrational that they believe it's better to chase away productive immigrant workers and pretend that real criminals can somehow become productive workers.

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