The $30MM U.S. Wall of Shame & a $5 Ladder

The Denver Post is running a series on immigration properly called Fortress America. Part 2 is about the wall between Mexico and the United States. The sad thing about that wall is that it's a lazy and racist man's solution to a complex problem. It's today's silver bullet which will only prove to be a costly monument to yet another period in American of nativistic hysteria.

Of course, the billions and billions of dollars which have yet to be budgeted for the wall, and as some have pointed out, the companies that would build the wall would have to rely for labor on the very people the racists want to keep out: Mexican workers.

Even more pathetic is the idea that propping up a wall between people that need work, and the world's most dynamic economy with powerful labor needs, is a solution. To prove how nonsensical this line of reasoning is, and it absolutely economics 101, consider this:

A small section of the wall has been built--using Mexican labor--between San Diego and Tijuana at a cost of $30 million. But the wall can--and has been--bridged with a $5.00 ladder. Of course, there's now a flourishing trade for $5.00 ladders.

Clearly, the government pinheads underestimate the ingenuity and creativity of both the Mexican worker and the American business leaders.

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