Latino Firm Seeks to Defeat Gov. Spitzer's Health Reforms

New York's Governor Spitzer has had a rough start in his efforts to reform New York. While he has been busy preparing a series of significant reforms, special interest groups and their allies in the legislature have been busy setting up roadblocks.

First, the state legislature rejected Spitzer's choice for state comptroller and installed one of their own to watch over state spending.

Second, the education lobby made it clear that while they welcome the billions in new spending proposed by Spitzer, they have no interest in reforms.

Thirdly, the health industry lobbies have come out with a blistering attack against Spitzer's health care plans to close under-utilized hospitals and contain the growth in medicaid spending.

Aiding the opposition is the Mirram Global, a Latino political consulting firm owned by Robero Ramirez and Luis Miranda, which helped sell Spitzer to Latino voters. They have signed up to help Dennis Rivera's 1199 Healthcare Workers Union and the hospitals association defeat elements of Spitzer's health care proposals. Here's their Spanish language ad.

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