Hate Letters Confirm Racism of Anti-Immigrant Codes Movement

A leader against Hazelton, Pennsylvania's anti-immigrant worker codes, Dr. Lopez, has made public hate letters from from racists. It's yet more evidence that much of the current immigrant worker hysteria is driven by pure and unadulterated racism.

Instead of crafting solutions and fixing the broken immigration system, petty politicians seek to score easy points by passing anti-immigrant worker legislation. The result is that the more anti-immigrant codes are proposed, the more racists in America are encouraged.

Emboldened racists are very bad news for America.

SCRANTON -- A Latino community leader testified this morning to receiving racist hate mail from as far away as Hartford, Conn., and as nearby as Wilkes-Barre.

The letters warned him to stop speaking against Hazleton's Illegal Immigration Relief Act.

Recalled to the witness stand in the William J. Nealon Federal Building, retired eye doctor Agapito Lopez, who helped organize several protests against the ordinance, examined three letters sent to him in the past eight months. The first was a note slipped under his door July 12, the day before Hazleton passed its controversial law.

It included an article "We are under invasion from Mexico."

He received a second letter postmarked from Wilkes-Barre, he testified. It claimed Latinos are responsible for the city's slide toward violence and crime.

"It is implying we are criminals, we are thieves, we are lazy and our women are promiscuous," Lopez testified.

The third letter from Hartford, Conn., included a cartoon of a "Mexican warrior type" wearing a sombrero and included racial epithets which he read aloud in court.

"This is the most degrading thing I've read in my whole life."

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