Clinton More Anti-Immigrant Than Bush

Expecting a coronation, Clinton thought she could take Latino Democrats for granted by dissing them on the critical issue of immigration. Well, Obama's candidacy and his pro-immigrant legislation has called into question the intelligence of going to the right on immigration.

Just 2 years ago, anti-immigrants were giddy when Clinton moved to the extreme right on immigration. Here's are excerpts from Hillary goes conservative on immigration published in the conservative Washington Times:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is staking out a position on illegal immigration that is more conservative than President Bush, a strategy that supporters and detractors alike see as a way for the New York Democrat to shake the "liberal" label and appeal to traditionally Republican states.

Mrs. Clinton's position has been noticed by Rep. Tom Tancredo, a Colorado Republican and leading proponent of stricter immigration controls. "She's not a dumb woman," said a Tancredo spokesman. "She's got a great liberal base, and she realizes there's no better way to draw in more conservative voters. She has really come out to the forefront on that."
Thank goodness for Obama!

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