The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform

US Presidents Ronald Reagan and John F Kennedy

•Under the current immigration system, neither Ronald Reagan or John F. Kennedy's Irish ancestors or relatives could come to America legally today.
•The Irish will stop coming to America if Congress does not support comprehensive immigration reform.
•Already great Irish communities across the US are in jeopardy, particularly areas which the
Irish revived in the 1980s.
•Currently only a little over 2,000 green cards a year go to the Irish out of close to 1 million.
•There are 50,000 young Irish here trying to live the American dream like so many have done before.
•We have helped fight in the wars (record number of Medals of Honor) helped build the cities, the schools and the Catholic Church.

We have always stood tall for the land we all love.

ILIR supports President Bush, the U.S. Senate and
Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
40 million Irish Americans are on our side
We are the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform

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