Kurdistan - The Other Iraq

At the end of Waiting for Kurdistan there's a link to Kurdistan- The Other Iraq, a site for a campaign to inform the West of the peaceful, friendly and prosperous region of Iraq called Kurdistan.

Iraq's Kurdistan is actually part of an ancient people that straddles the borders of 5 separate countries. With over 30 million people, the Kurds are the world's largest ethnic group without a nation of its own.

Kurdistan - The Other Iraq has links to a number of videos, audio recordings and articles on Kurdistan. Here are four of the videos:

Video 1: Who Are The Kurds? - The Kurds have struggled to survive at the crossroads of the ancient world. This video is a short history.

Video 2: CBS' Kurdistan Strives For Autonomy - Bob Simon reports on a secure area, next to a war zone, that may or may not get its own sovereignty: Iraq's Kurdistan.

Video 3: CNN's Interview of Bayan Rahman, Chairperson of the Kurdistan Development Corporation.

Video 4: CBS' An American In Kurdistan - Bob Simon asks Ahmed Gilani, a college student, why he returned to Kurdistan after growing up in Texas.

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