Minnesota Proposal: Let non-citizens vote

Proposal: Let non-citizens vote in local elections (by Rachel E. Stassen-Berger - Pioneer Press 3.12.07)

A constitutional amendment introduced today in the Minnesota House would allow non-citizen residents to vote in local elections.

If the House and Senate pass the measure, 2008 voters would be asked: "Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to allow local units of government to authorize permanent resident non-citizens to vote in local government elections?" A majority of those voting in the 2008 general election would have to approve the measure for it to be written into the constitution.

Illegal immigrants would not be permitted to vote.

The measure is sponsored by four Twin Cities DFLers — Rep. Phyllis Kahn, Minneapolis, Rep. Jim Davnie, Minneapolis, Rep. Carlos Mariani, St. Paul, and Rep. Frank Hornstein, Minneapolis.

The measure comes on the heels of a Take Action Minnesota's move to ask St. Paul city council candidates their opinions on a similar change in the city. Take Action Minnesota is an influential political group in St. Paul's elections.

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