It’s Obamalot!?

In It's Obamalot!, Jason Horowitz of the New York Observer (March 7, 2007), gives a reporter's account of the goings-on between Obama and Clinton in Selma.

He suggests that Obama purposely promoted the Bobby Kennedy comparison--which I think is largely a media fabrication. If anybody is guilty of shamelessly selling themselves as the heir to Camelot it was Bill Clinton.

However, what's interesting is how the Clintons interjected themselves into Selma in order to turn the spotlight off of Obama, and how Bill Clinton may have prevented John Lewis--and possibly others--from announcing endorsements of Obama in Selma.

Horowitz is a hardboiled reporter from NYC, so his views may be a bit skewed. But his account of the day furthers my conviction that the Clintons are running scared and that Obama is the real deal.

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