The War on Latino Immigrants Escalates: Jose Osvaldo Sucuzhañay Slain in Bushwick

Another Latino has been murdered in the glacial moraine known as Long Island.

Jose Osvaldo Sucuzhañay and his brother Romel were savagely attacked early Monday morning by a gang wielding beer bottles and bats. Jose was pronounced brain dead yesterday. The attack occurred in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn (Southwestern Long Island).

As in the killing of Marcelo Lucero a month earlier in Patchogue, Long Island, and the earlier slaying of Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah, PA, the attackers were a hate-filled pack of thugs prowling the night in search of victims. In all three cases, the gangs zeroed in on Latino immigrants walking home.

Unlike the other murders, the attackers in Bushwick were Black and they escaped in an SUV. In addition to using anti-Latino slurs, the attackers used anti-gay slurs in the mistaken belief that the brothers were a gay couple.

The domestic war against Latinos escalates with Jose and the Sucuzhañay family as its latest victims. But while nativists focus like a laser beam in waging their ugly war, the larger community of decent Americans are asleep at the switch. The result is that it's literally open season on Latinos--especially on the most vulnerable working late hours and travelling on foot or bicycle.

Photo: Diego Sucuzhañay, brother of Jose, addressing the media

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  1. Anonymous3/08/2009

    You obviously don't know much....

    Trying to make Brooklyn part of Long Island is a HUGE stretch! Patchogue is about an hour and half from Brooklyn. Just because they're on the same piece of land, doesn't make the Brooklyn attack a Long Island attack.

    But you go right ahead lumping all caucasians together....Cause we're all racists!

  2. Annonymous,

    1) Don't know much about geography, do you?

    Long Island as per Wikipedia: Long Island is an island located in southeastern New York, USA, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which (Queens and Kings) are boroughs of New York City, and two of which (Nassau and Suffolk) are mainly suburban.

    2) You're a bit defensive given that no where in the post are caucasians or white racists even mentioned.

    3) It's 50 miles from Brooklyn to Patchogue, but so what! Loooong Island is Loooong! But what exactly is your point? The Bushwick hate killing and the Patchogue hate killing both happend on LI and the victims were Latino immigrant men (Ecuadorians).

    4) And NO, Rhode Island is NOT an island!