Latino Bloggers on the Univision Democratic Presidential Forum

A number of Latino bloggers tuned in for last night's "first-of-a kind" Univision presidential forum. Below are links to their insightful, sometimes irreverent, but always unique posts on what they saw and heard. Check them out.

Also, Latino Netroots has a compilation of blogs and a podcast of the debate--and Latino Pundit has his list, too.

Univision Debate: Latino Blogger Reactions (Man Eegee)

Underdog Gravel shines as star candidates gives Latinos more of the same (VivirLatino)

Candidates Debate in Spanglish on Univision: LIVE (La bloguera)

Destino 2008 : Univision's Democratic Presidential Forum (culturekitchen)

Univision Debate Proves Refreshing (LatinaLista)

Thoughts on the Spanish-Language Debate (Matt Ortega)

Post Univision Debate Hang over (La bloguera)

Photo credit: AP


  1. Anonymous9/10/2007

    I almost used the same pic today, but opted for the pic w/ all dems.

  2. thx for the linkage, you're on the blogroll now over at Latino Político. paz