A Xenophobic Zeitgeist - Erasing GOP Latino Gains

A Xenophobic Zeitgeist (by Arian Campo-Flores - September 24th Issue of Newsweek) is yet the latest installment about the quickly fading Latino support for the GOP as a result of the party's association with anti-immigrant/Latino bigots.

Illustrating Campo-Flores' point is the fact that Latino marketing guru and former consultant to Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, Lionel Sosa, is now campaigning for Democrat Bill Richardson for president. Additionally, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the evangelical National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, a group representing the most conservative portion of the Latino population has this to say about today's Republican Party:

"Right now, the nativist and xenophobic constituency is in charge of the Republican Party. That's a party the Hispanic-American voter cannot support."
Even Karl Rove is quoted as saying: "I am worried. You cannot ignore the aspirations of the fastest-growing minority in America."

Can the GOP save itself from its headlong plunge into political darkness? Campo-Flores cites outreach by Romney and McCain as a hopeful sign. But counting on the likes of Romney is nonsensical given his unabashed pandering to the nativists. McCain offers more hope but last I looked he was still a decided long shot.

In my view, it's too late for the GOP to repair the damage--at least in time for next year's national elections.

2012? Only if Republicans such as Jeb Bush and Rick Perry oust the bigots.

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