Cane: 1st All Latino Primetime Dramatic TV Series

The much anticipated drama Cane, starring Jimmy Smits, Hector Elizondo and Rita Moreno, premier's tomorrow as part of CBS's new fall line-up.

Set in Miami, Cane is about a wealthy Cuban-American family torn by rivalries as its sugar and rum businesses are passed down to the next generation.

Cane has generated a great deal of Buzz within the Latino community. It's also generating some controversy. Miami Cuban bloggers are not happy that the cast is largely Puerto Rican. And others are rightly worried that the program will stereotype Miami Cubans as a people obsessed with money, race and social class.

However, ensuring the authenticity of the series is creator Cynthia Cidre, a writer of Cuban American heritage. Cidre and the series producers have gone to great lengths to make the settings, language, food, music, family structure, etc., convincingly Cuban Latino with a South Florida flair.

Following on the heels of Ugly Betty, George Lopez, The Mind of Mencia--and adding to America's established appetite for Shakira, Mojitos, Latin resorts and Latin Ballroom, a successful Cane could help American coach potatoes find their inner Latino, too.

Stay tuned, America!

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