Mel Martinez To Exit the GOP Train Wreck

The Miami Herald reports today that U.S. Senator Mel Martinez will step down from the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee as early as next February.

It's a vote of no confidence in the GOP by its own chairman.

Clearly, Martinez does not want to be associated with a GOP presidential campaign likely to go down in flames in part due to its anti-Latino, anti-immigrant and anti-African American baggage.

There's a GOP train wreck in the making--and Martinez is leaving before it crushes him, too.

However, it's not as though Martinez hasn't tried to redirect the GOP--he has. It's just that the nativists in his party never cared much for his selection as chairman--and they don't much respect his views on the political future of "their" party.

To make it real clear that the racists are in charge--and that Martinez is making the right move, here are a few of the less toxic send-off messages posted on the anti-Latino immigrant website FreeRepublic:


- Maybe the traitorous SOB’s have finally heard us?

- Bye Mel..now would be fine, AND????? Don't let the door hit you in the
bum on the way out.

It seems to me that the time has come for Latino and African American Republicans, as well as all Republicans of conscience, to either boycott next year's GOP primaries and the general election, or vote independent.

What do you think?

Article: Mel Martinez may quit GOP post

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