Who's stealing the Obama Vote?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has alleged fraud took place in the New York Democratic primaries, in which Barack Obama mysteriously received zero votes in 80 New York City election districts.

"If you want to call it significant undercounting, I guess that's a euphemism for fraud," he said.
Q: Which political hacks carried out the misdeeds and who issued the orders?

Where's NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo on this issue?

Of course, we know that Cuomo is a Clintonista and co-conspirator in the use of the race card against Barack Obama with his disgusting "shucking and jiving" smear.

And while were asking, where are the attorneys general for New Hampshire, Nevada and California given the funny business that seems to have occurred in a number of precincts in those states in favor of Clinton? And finally, who's watching Ohio, Texas and "Fast Eddie's Pennsylvania to ensure that vote there isn't manipulated?

Andrew Cuomo, Jerry Brown, Marc Dann, Tom Corbett, Patrick C. Lynch, Darrell McGraw -- Are you guys awake?

And where is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other voter rights advocates on this issue? Why the silence? Certainly, elections fraud is wrong no matter who's doing it, right?