George Lopez For Obama

Comedian and television star George Lopez was in Houston, Texas today to endorse Senator Barack Obama for president. (Hey, but I thought Latinos don't support black candidates, right Hillary?)

In a related story, the Texas' largest news daily--The Houston Chronicle--also endorsed Obama. Here's an excerpt:

The 46-year-old Obama has expanded his base of support, winning new legions of supporters. The more people see and hear him, the more they like him. As the Hawaiian-born son of a Muslim Kenyan father and an Anglo Midwesterner, the devoutly Christian Obama transcends race and religion. His life has been one of involvement with disadvantaged Chicago residents, excellence at Harvard Law School and eight years as an Illinois state senator. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004, only the third African-American to serve there since Reconstruction.

Obama is both the epitome of the American Dream and well-positioned to reach out to an international community alienated by recent U.S. go-it-alone policies.

The passion and excitement that Obama has brought to the race can only stimulate more citizens to participate in the electoral process. The Chronicle urges Texas Democrats to cast what could be decisive ballots for his presidential nomination.
The Clintonistas believe that they have the Tejano vote in the bag. I find that assumption arrogrant and condescending. Yes We Can, Tejanos!