Steven Ybarra: Clinton Loyalty Not a Two Way Street

Hey, Here's a pleasant surprise. A prominent Latino Democrat from California is actually speaking out regarding the severe lack of loyalty being exhibited by the Clintons.

(The Clintons disloyal? Can't be! Just kidding. Of course, they are ultra loyal to their quest for power at any cost.)

He's Steven Ybarra, a California superdelegate who heads the voting-rights committee of the DNC Hispanic Caucus. Here's what he told the NYPost ('SUPER' LATINO SLAMS CLINTON - 2/12/08) inquiring about an email he has circulated to party officials:

"Apparently, loyalty is not a two-way street," he wrote. "Latino superdelegates like myself . . . will have cause to pause."

Ybarra told The Post yesterday that the loss of Solis Doyle, a child of Mexican immigrants, just weeks before the Texas primary, where 36 percent of the population is Hispanic, was "dumb as a stump."
BTW: Weren't we all told that California Latino Dems are all Tara field hands? Big smiles -- happy to be fleeced again and again by Billery?

Of course, I know that that picture was never true--and that there are many Latinos in California that see through their game.

Still, it's welcomed news that good folks are standing up and calling these rascals out.