Danielle's Graceful Babies

My niece Danielle--like her mother Rafaela, and her mother's mother Antonia--has that Taino ability to easily create beautiful and useful things.

I remember watching my mom, a seamstress by necessity and a sculptress by choice, easily and lovingly craft beautiful garments and art.

My sister has the same knack -- applying her gifts to designing beautiful ceramic dolls and crafts.

And her daughter Danielle, a lovely 20-something SAHM raising two little ones in very rural New York, has that same creative touch.

She is the founder, chief designer, seamstress and webmaster of an emerging enterprise called Graceful Babies. Graceful Babies designs durable and fun hand-crafted baby and toddler clothes and accessories at modest prices.

Check out the Graceful Babies collection at these websites: