Texas Latina Calls for Obama Volunteers for San Antonio GOTV

If Hillary is winning the Texas women, Latinos--and, of course, most Latinas, how is it that I keep coming across so many pro-Obama Texan Latinas?

Jeannette is yet another young woman doing her part to get Senator Barack Obama elected president of the United States. Unlike the "telenovela sheeple" preferred by the party hacks feeding off the Clinton wagon train, Jeannette is an inspired, active and smart young woman who's investing her time and talents to the cause of uplifting Tejanos, Texas and America.

Here's a message from my new friend Jeannette:

We need volunteers for get out the vote in San Antonio. Please help!!! Viva Obama! Contact Jeannette at jeannette998@sbcglobal.net thanks!!!

Yes, Viva Obama!!!! Viva Jeannette!!!! Viva Tejas!!!!