"Obama as African" a New Low for Hillary

In order to distract attention away from her embrace of Bill's NAFTA, the Hillary Campaign is circulating this photograph of Barack Obama in African garb. The picture of Obama really shouldn’t a big deal. There are pictures of Hillary with a Muslim scarf, Bush with local garb on, Bubba, Bush 41, etc.

Obama slams smear photo

Clinton's response to the day's Drudge
The story behind the Obama photo
Clinton aides claim Obama photo wasn't intended as a smear

Actually, the photo should give decent Americans hope that as the next president of the USA, Barack Obama not only has the grace and decency to put on the costume in respect to his hosts, but that the event had real meaning for him--as opposed to the typical Bush and Hillary meaningless photo-ops .

However, what is so telling and pathetic is that the Hillary campaign is the one circulating the photo as something negative about Obama, getting caught, and then blaming Obama for being “divisive”. Stupid, right?

Q: Does the Hillary campaign really believe that it's free to renew the use of the race card simply because they took off the brown face and replaced it with a black one?