GOP Boricua's response to Ginny Brown-Waite

GOP Boricua --a resident of Florida's 5th Congressional District who's a Conservative Republican of Puerto Rican heritage--is not happy with Dumb Ms Ginny Brown-Waite.

GOP Boricua's got attitude. I love it! He's a good American.

Here's GOP Boricua's response:

I am a lifetime Republican, a resident of the 5th Congressional District, and a US Citizen who was born in Puerto Rico. I am outraged by the statements made by our representative, Congresswoman Ginny Brown Waite, regarding the people of Puerto Rico and the Economic Stimulus Package recently approved by the House of Representatives.

For the record, I am a social and fiscal conservative, and I completely disagree with the idea of the Federal Government handing out checks to stimulate the economy, especially when that money will most likely be used to purchase goods manufactured in China and not here in the US.

I agree with Congresswoman Brown-Waite that we should not be sending taxpayer funds to those who do not pay income taxes.

That is not at issue here.

The issue is her statement referring to us who were born in Puerto Rico as “foreign citizens”.

Congresswoman Brown-Waite apparently needs a refresher history course, so she can understand that the people of Puerto Rico ARE United States citizens and have been so since 1917 when the Jones Act granted them citizenship. Puerto Ricans have proudly and bravely defended this Nation in every conflict since World War I, and have had the second-highest number of war casualties per capita among jurisdictions of the United States. Over 8,000 Puerto Rican men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice defending this Nation, including 68 (so far) in the Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts. I don’t think their citizenship came into question when they gave their lives so she could have the freedom to say such idiotic things.

I am afraid her comments are not just a product of ignorance but rather some sort of underlying prejudice against those whom she does not consider to be “American” enough. As a Republican I am ashamed at her attitude. There should be no place in the GOP for such prejudice. Be advised, Congresswoman Brown-Waite, that Puerto Ricans are the fastest growing segment of population in Central Florida….and if you wish to continue representing the 5th District you might want to consider apologizing for your ignorant and insensitive comments.

If not, I know of at least one Puerto Rican Republican who would love a shot at your seat to fairly represent them.