Hillary & McCain Gang Up on Obama

Obama has taken Wisconsin AND Hawaii! He is the undisputed leader for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination! Yes, We Can!

Unfortunately, the mulish band of monocratic Clintonistas still don't get it. They're now committed to over turning the popular will of Democratic voters by pressuring super delegates and Obama's earned delegates to vote for Hillary.

The good thing is that the more Democrats see exposed to the machinations of the Clintonistas, the more they see Hillary, Bill and the Clintonistas as unworthy of another run of the country.

On the GOP side, John McCain has clinched the nomination. He is now free to join Hillary in wounding Obama--the Democrat's eventual nominee; and they started last night. Both blasted Obama for his eloquence and for not having been a lifetime member of the Washington plutocracy.

Q: Do the Clintonistas prefer 4 years of McCain to 8 years of Obama? Think about it!

Next is Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont vote on March 4th. Vote!

Yes, We Can! Si, Se Puede!

(I'll post a revised ObamaNation Map as soon as it's updated.)