America at its very best

In Everyday Citizen, Pam Pohly writes that the winners of yesterday's Super Tuesday Primaries were not the political candidates but the every day people that came out in record numbers to vote.

Was that the shift in the ground that I felt this week?

The winners tonight in Kansas were all the everyday citizens that braved blowing snow to make it to their caucus locations. Many traveled many miles down ice covered roadways, slipping and sliding all the way. A few hours later as they headed home, they found the snow still falling and their cars completely covered. Windshield wipers stuck to windshields. Roads even more slippery than before. Yet, they were smiling!
However, even if Obama doesn't make it to the big house on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue--this year, he may have inspired a higher sense of purpose and citizenship among the people--especially young people. And how cool is that!