NY Latino Pol: Clinton Playing With Fire

Yet more evidence that Latino Pols are not going to just rollover and play dead to the Clintonistas poor treatment of their Latino allies.

Today, two New York Latino Pols--State Senator Ruben Diaz and Assemblyman Joseph Peralta-- questioned the sacking of Patti Solis Doyle for primary losses they believe should be blamed on Bill Clinton and others.

Diaz issued this warning:

She might be playing with fire with the Hispanic community. I just wanted them to know that we are not innocent, to believe that the person resigned on her own. No one resigns when things are going good.
Meanwhile, Obama has crushed Hillary and the vaunted Clinton War Machine again, and again and again. He has won in DC, Virginia and Maryland--and did so by winning just about all demographic groups, including a majority of White male Virginians and women!

Should we expect more Latino pols will finally wake up now, do the right thing and come out for Obama?

Article: NY Hispanics Question Clinton Aide Exit