More Texan-Tejano Love for Obama

More Tejano endorsements of Senator Obama:

"I am the Latino son of immigrants, but, rather than engaging in the contrived politics of division, I want Barack Obama, a black man of mixed ethnicity, to be my president. How's that for the politics of hope?" State Rep Rafael Anchia - Dallas

"I'm endorsing my friend Barack to become the next President of the United States because he is the one candidate who is looking past the partisan rancor and divisive politics of the moment, and instead focusing on a new approach to policy formation in our country." State Rep. Juan Garcia - Corpus Christi

"Part of what drives me is his life story. It's a fascinating life story. It's more than just the issues, it's his values. I think Hispanics and South Texas should really be able to relate to him." State Rep. Pete Gallego - Alpine

“I believe that Barack Obama is a presidential candidate that will make and inspire Americans to take action. To take action for America, to take action in their own lives, to restore faith in government, to restore the world’s perception of America.” State Rep. Eddie Lucio III - San Benito

"Senator Obama brings all these new fresh faces. He has a wider audience. He has the greater potential to engage a greater number of people.’’ U.S. Rep. Charlie Gonzalez - San Antonio

“We like Obama’s position on immigration, driver’s licenses, and education. He is also a big supporter of the DREAM Act. We are very excited about his leadership and we think he is right on the issues of healthcare, the economy, and the War in Iraq.” Steve Salazar, Chair, Mexican American Democrats

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