Picking Leaders: USA vs Cuba

The contrast between the political systems of the United States of America and Cuba couldn't be more sharply drawn than in how each country chooses it leader.

The U.S. is in the throes of spirited primary elections to select the presidential candidates for the two major parties. Additionally, smaller parties will gather their members in conventions over the next 5 months and select their candidates. In the fall, some 150 million Americans will cast votes for their favorite--and someone will emerge as America's new president for a four year term.

Things are just a tad different in Cuba. This week there, one aging despot named Castro simply handed over his dictatorial powers to another aging despot named Castro. That was it. Of course, they'll have some "pick-from-a-list-of-one" candidate--Raul--in a charade they'll call an election by the people.

Yes, the process in America needs improvements: it's too cumbersome, frought with abuse and biased towards the major parties and special interests. However, what the Cuban people are made to accept is morally bankrupt and politically corrupt!

Viva Cuba Libre! Si, Se Puede!