Coqui: Endangered in Puerto Rico and Hawai'i

Imagine Puerto Rico without its beloved Coqui?

Rafael Joglar and Patricia Burrowes, biologists at the University of Puerto Rico, report that the Coqui is disappearing from Puerto Rico's rainforests--and that it's due to global climate change. They contend that increases in global temperatures has disturbed the ecological balance necessary for Coquis to survive in Puerto Rico.

Something must to be done noe to ensure the survival of the Coqui of Puerto Rico.

Surprisingly, the Coqui has found a new habitat 5,000 miles away on the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago.

Yes, Coquis in Hawai'i!

According to here and here, the Coqui is proliferating in Hawai'i--but they are unwelcomed.

Unlike Boricuas who love the nocturnal sounds of the tiny frogs, Hawaiians destest what they hear as unrelenting noises. The coqui is a national symbol in Puerto Rico and few there would purposely harm the Coqui; but Hawaiins are up in arms over the invaders--prompting local governments to eradicate them through fumigation and even lacing their food supply with toxins.

But the Coqui--like the Taíno spirit--can not be so easily killed off. And we should never allow anyone to harm the ecologically friendly amphibians.

Here's an important mission for Coqui lovers everywhere: Organize a campaign to protect the Coqui in Puerto Rico--and stop Hawaiian efforts at extermination.