Latinos for Obama - Si Se Puede!

The Clintonistas--that is, Latinos working for the restauration of Bill & Hillary regime--are pushing the idea that Latinos will not vote Obama because he's African American. That strategy is best illustrated by Sergio Bendixon's ridiculous claim that Latinos are too racist to vote for an African American candidate.

It's the Clinton "Race Card" gambit to keep Latinos from embracing the "Black man". Cynically, Bendixon--and Hillary herself--claim that Latino voter racism is an historical fact.

As Gregory Rodriquez says "Really?"

Is there racism within the Latino community? Absolutely! We see it played out 24/7 on Spanish language television where the "news" anchors and soap stars are almost always blue-eyed blonds and people of color either don't exist or they're stereotyped.

Thankfully, most Latinos are not from the "Colonial" class and they have lived, worked and voted for African Americans. Obama is but one of the African America political leaders that Latinos have overwhemingly supported.

Will Obama win a majority of Latino voters in next week's Super Tuesday primaries? Who knows? With little time and less name recognition within the Latino communities of Texas, California and New York, combined with the Clintonistas' savvy control of Spanish Television, it'll be difficult.

However, Obama will have an edge with younger, educated and independent-minded Latino voters. Generally speaking, Hillary will do well with the "Soap Opera" Latino voters, while Obama will likely win the "Internet" Latino voters.

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