Who Won the MSNBC Ohio Democratic Presidential Debate? Democratic Nominee-To-Be Barack Obama

The Ohio Democratic Presidential Debate is over and it was not a good night for Hillary. Her campaign's negativity and race-baiting was exposed. Her flip-flop on NAFTA was laid bare. And her inconsistency on the Iraq War was, again, made painfully clear.

(Although new ground was broken when Hillary camethisclose to taking responsibility for authorizing the Iraq War.)

Additionally, Hillary's effort to denigrate Obama's plan for health care fell flat, and she was unable to answer why she's not released her financial and schedule records as First Lady.

Hillary also lost big points in response to a few unexpected questions re: successor and Minister Farrakhan's views. She jumped at Russert's Putin question and then flubbed it by mangling First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. And then she inexplicably jumped into a question to Obama regarding Farrakhan--a moment which ackwardly concluded with Obama agreeing to Hillary's demand that he reject that which he'd already denounced. Very weird.

However, Hillary's worst moment came right at the top of the debate when she both whined about getting the first question--and then went on to say that she's fine asnwering first. What? It was a very strange and confusing moment--one which the talking heads afterwards couldn't figure out since most debaters prefer to go first in order to frame the debate.

Bottom line? Obama was masterful, in control, presidential. Hillary was, well, Hillary.