Tejanos Take Note: Hillary Dumps Patti Solis Doyle

The news out of the sputtering Clinton Campaign is that the Clintons have dumped Patti Solis Doyle as Campaign Manager.

(A Hillary reaction to El Paso Times' "Obama: Illinois senator is better choice"?)

Ms Doyle is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and the first Latina to run a U.S. presidential campaign. She was replaced by Maggie Wiliams--another "close" friend of Hillary's.

The Clintons continue exhibiting a profound lack of graciousness.

And how about loyalty?

A majority of Latino voters have shown great loyalty to Hillary Clinton in New York where I live and across the country. IMHO, It's a sort-of misplaced loyalty given that the Billarys operate in ways so foreign--and disturbing--to the typical Latino.

Clinton loyalty to Latinos? Nada. Consider these two recent events: Hillary throws undocumented workers under the bus after she received a little flack in response to her slippery response to a debate question licenses; and now she fires Doyle after using her to secure the allegiance of Latino political bosses and their "telenovela" constituencies.

Remember, folks--especially you Tejanos: In the end, the Tara Plantation burns to the ground.

Yes, We Can! Si. Se Puede, Tejanos!

Clinton Replaces Campaign Manager